Monday, April 20, 2009

Chloe and Tyson

Chloe is sporting a Pooh Bear ski band because Tyson lived up to his name. Yes, he bit a chunk out of her ear. I'm pretty certain that it was not one sided. I envision that they were playing outside, he gets hold of her ear and pulls one way. Chloe apparently pulled in the opposite direction and thus the injured ear.

Fast forward to the next day. Vet's office. Surgery. Stitches. Spayed?!? That was not in the original game plan for the day! Tommy was proud of himself because the vet's assistant told him that if they went ahead and spayed her while she had her ear repair surgery, it would save us the anesthesia fee, a whole whopping $60. So Tommy said ok. He didn't call me and ask my opinion. He just said ok.

For $315 my Chloe had ear repair surgery and was spayed. Had she not been spayed at this time, it would have only cost $120. We could have taken her to the low cost spay clinic at the Humane Society and had her spayed for around $50, anesthesia included. Have I reminded him daily about this lack of communication? Why, yes I have.

Chloe after her surgeries.


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