Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tarantulas, Skinks and Lizards

No, these are not the viewing choices at the Creepy Crawlies exhibit at the zoo. These are the creatures that Alex has requested for his birthday on Saturday.

He captured a 5 Striped Skink in the yard last evening. An ugly little creature, that is for sure. Alex thinks he is the bomb-diggity, and has proudly displayed him on his dresser, in the dead fish's aquarium. He thoughtfully placed a large, flat rock in the aquarium, along with a ton of leaves. I get home today to find that he has added a (cereal) bowl of water and several ants. Yeah me. Looks like I've got a new critter to keep up with.

On to the Tarantula. He has been asking for a tarantula for close to 2 months. I have done my research and have decided that I think I might could live with one, providing that it stays in the cage at all times. And I MEAN AT ALL TIMES. It does not come out of it's aquarium. It gets out, I leave and move to Fiji. No questions asked and no second chances. Alex has finally picked one out, a rose hair tarantula.

I love the boy, but if that spider or lizard escapes, I'm outta here!

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