Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation Countdown 3 Days

Ok, so I don't really love the hospital. But, I did just spend 4 hours there with my mom. She called me around 10:45 this morning to tell me that her blood sugar was so high that it would not register on her meter. This is the exact opposite of what we normally have to deal with. Luckily, my aunt was in the store where my mom works and was able to drive her to the hospital, where I met them.

In the triage section, her blood pressure registered at 210/116 and her blood sugar was 494. Those numbers were pretty scary. Luckily, her blood pressure was somewhat easily brought back down to earth. Her blood sugar levels, on the other hand, were not so easily tamed. After 4 hours and numerous units of "fast acting" insulin, the doctors finally got her blood sugar down to 250.

Then, at about 4:30 this afternoon, the underwire in my bra broke. My last flipping bra. Ain't that just grand? Luckily, the Yellow Mall in Gaffney is very close to where I work so I had Tommy and Alex pick me up from work and off we went. Since it has obiviously been quite a while since my last expedition for a new bra, I decided to have a fitting. (We won't discuss those numbers/letters.) The saleslady at Bali was very helpful and I soon found my arms full of potential purchases. I am now the new owner of 3 new lovely brassieres.

Hurry up Thursday! I need a vacation!

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