Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School

This has been a much better week at work. Thank goodness!

I registered Alex for school yesterday. He is now officially a 2nd grader! I can not believe that he is already 7 years old. Where did the time go?? He will be in Ms. Barrett's class. His friend, Adam, is in his class. Once we were finished with the registration process, we walked down to locate his class room. We found it quite easily. There are murals on all of the walls in his school, so we have always used the pictures as landmarks for him to find his classes.

K4 directions were to go down the hall past the two soldiers (Revolutionary War era). When he go to the Gorrilla, the next door was his room.

K5 directions were to go down the hall past the soldiers (same ones) to the big apple tree. His room was by the tree.

1st grade directions were to go to the Red soldier, turn right. The motorcycle policeman was in front of his room.

This year's directions are turn left at the soldiers. Go to the 2nd hall. Turn right. Go past the sports shop. His room is at the Jewelry store.

These murals sure do make finding his new room each year so easy! He loves to help plot out his new route.

Today, I registered Skylar for the 10th grade. How is it that I have a daughter who is a sophomore in high school already??? She is not thrilled with her schedule, but I think she'll be fine once school starts. She did not get any classes with BFF Ashley for the 2nd year in a row. They lived last year, I'm sure that they will live thru this year as well.

She was excited that she finally got a top row locker. She is so tall that she has to literally sit in the floor to get things in and out of a bottom locker. She did land a driver's ed spot. The bummer for her is that is during the 2nd semester. I think I'm fine with it being 2nd semester.

First semester she has Biology CP, Law Education, Math, and Integrated Business. Second Semester she has Journalism, Drivers Ed, Math and English. I think she will have a much busier year than she had last year.

Now, I've gotta go school shopping for the remaining school supplies when I get paid again in a couple of weeks.


  1. Sounds like an adventurous day. Blessings, andrea

    PS: There is a prayer request from a new bloggin friend on arise 2 write with a link to her blog for details. She needs much prayer right now.

  2. Dropping by from sits.

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    Make it a happy day!

    Ms Cupcake
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