Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Night at Home

Skylar has gone to spend the night with Ashley and Audrey. They are going ice skating with their youth group from church tomorrow. I just hope that she doesn't break any bones! She is anything but graceful on ice skates. I think I'll buy an ace bandage just in case she comes home with a twisted ankle.

With Skylar out of the house, it is eerily quiet. Alex is not screaming at her to get out of his room. She is not running down stairs to grab the constantly ringing phone. It is rather peaceful. Tommy is on the couch watching Flashpoint. I'm kicked back in the recliner with the lap top. Alex has gone up to his room to watch WWE wrestling.

He is so into wrestling! I can't stand it. He loves John Cena. This evening before we dropped Skylar off at her cousins' home, he came running down the stairs, crying and holding the back of his neck. It turns out that he was leaping off of the headboard of his bed, trying to perfect a wrestling move, and he somehow hit the back of his neck on the top of the headboard. He went into great detail trying to describe what he was doing.

Hopefully, the WWE show will keep his attention until bed time. That will leave less time for him to complain that Skylar is not home. He hates for his sister to spend the night with anyone. They fight like cats and dogs most of the day, but by bed time they are usually snuggled up together on his bed watching a Disney show or Survivor Man.

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