Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

This has been a fairly quiet weekend, so far. Skylar went ice skating this afternoon. I spoke with her on the phone and she reported no broken bones or sprained ankles. A few blisters are her only souvenir from the outing. Thank goodness!

Alex spent the afternoon playing outside with our neighbor, Katie. They jumped on the trampoline, rode their bikes and played with the dogs. He ended up soaking wet from helping Katie to "clean" the trampoline, though. He has become a very accomplished bike rider since Christmas. He ran our poor dogs ragged all afternoon! Tyson and Chloe can not stand for him to be outside and not have him in their sights. Tyson runs from one end of their fence to the other so he can see Alex at all times. It is funny to watch! Tyson will come to you if you call him, but he will only stay for a minute, then he's back to the Alex patrol.

The mail brought a lovely card from Mrs. Frances from church. It was such a nice surprise in the box today. I met Mrs. Frances when I went on my first Ladies' Retreat with SCC back in November. She is a lovely lady. She brought wonderful encouragement that was/is greatly needed.

Tommy went to his orientation at ITT Tech today. He is so excited to start his classes. I think he is going to enjoy going back to school and getting his degree. I am proud of him for taking this important step in his life.

I have 3 more classes left in my Literature class. I have the first major test next week. I do not have a class this week because we are on a "reading" break this week. I need it! I have procrastinated way too much this week. I have 11 readings on the normal schedule, 7 reflection journal entries to write, and an oral critique to have prepared for class as well as the written paper to be turned when I give the oral critique of my chosen short story. I guess I need to get busy on this!

Laundry is calling to me. I must answer the call or else there will be no clean clothes for church in the morning.

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