Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Blahs

It has been a quiet, rainy evening. I have settled in for the evening and am watching Juno. I hope that it lives up to the hype that I have heard about it.

I have the blahs today. I've had them since last night. They won't go away. So, so much on my mind lately. And none of it good.

I'm worried about my mom and the up and coming dialysis. I'm worried about baby Stellan and his family. I'm worried about how many bills I can pay with my check this week. I'm worried about getting my kids registered for school next week. I'm worried about the lunch balances that were left over from last year and how I can manage to get them paid off. I'm worried about how I will get their school supplies before school starts. I'm worried about living the rest of my life in this house and not be able to fix anything that is broken, including me.

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  1. Stick in there. Hopefully it will all look better tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by my blog on my featured SITS day!