Monday, July 20, 2009

Little Lost Inky

On Sunday, July 5, 2009, my aunt's teacup poodle, Inky, was stolen from her front porch. That's bad, but it gets worse. Much worse.

Who stole Inky? My stupid cousin and his freaky girlfriend/slave. Why? They're bums without jobs. (No, I do not think that every unemployed person is a bum) These two are definately bums. They take whatever they can from my aunt's house. Food, toilet paper, medication that both my aunt and her daughter need, even light bulbs out of their sockets. I'm not kidding. They are bums. That is the nicest thing that I can call them in polite company.

Ok, so Daniel opens the front door and lets Inky out onto the porch where Naomi grabs him and jumps in some guys truck that they conned into taking them to a Flea Market. Daniel had an announcement made, advertising Inky. Yep. He sold him.

My other aunt arrived at the flea market just a few minutes after he sold Inky. He admitted to selling the dog and was quickly arrested. Somehow, he was able to post bond the following day.

We (we being the rest of the family) sprang into action. My cousin, Cindy, made flyers to hand out and post at the flea market. Jeremy posted a Lost item in the local newspaper classifieds. I contacted a local columnist, The Stroller, who put the information in his column. We (me, my mom, my aunt, and Alex) combed the flea market on Saturday, July 11, from 7 am until 12 noon, when we were releived by Cindy and Nicole. Tommy and I went back on Sunday, July 12, to try our luck again. We had no luck that day either. Neither did Cindy.

Last Monday, July 13, I decided to have the flyer translated into Spanish to see if we had any luck. We posted the new posters this past weekend.

Thursday, July 16, was the court date. Accompanying my aunt were Cindy, Nancy, Harrison, Jeremy, me, Tommy and her new neighbor, Salena. Daniel would not meet anyone's eyes inside while we were waiting to see the judge. When the case was called, he requested a jury trial. He did that just to prolong the inevitable, but whatever. The best thing that resulted from the court date was that my aunt was able to get a restraining order against Bonnie and Clyde.

Fast forward to today. A call about Inky. Finally! A lady called Cindy, claiming to be the person who purchased Inky. She agreed to meet with Cindy and my aunt tomorrow at 2 pm to return Inky. She asked for the $50 that she purchased him for and the money for a vet visit. Sounds fair to us.

We'll see how this goes. More news tomorrow....

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  1. OK, you take the cake this week on sucky. Not that that award is a good thing.
    We'll throw your cousin and dirtbag gf in the sucky room.