Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child Monday

My son does not mangle the words of songs. Nope! Not my son! He surely doesn't sing "I'm Going Out with My BOOBS On." Could not be my son!

My daughter can not be the one who does not know what Kentucky Fried Chicken is. Not Skylar! No way! She did not pipe up on the way home from a softball game and request to eat dinner at KFC. Tommy agreed to stop at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Skylar did not say No Daddy! I want KFC. I don't want Kentucky Fried Chicken.

My son did not look at a lady in the undergarment aisle of Walmart and go "Bow Chicka Wah-Wah" That was not my son.

These could not be my children.....

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  1. Hilarious!! I love that last one!! lol

    thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!! I had a fabulous time reading all my comments!!