Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Crazy Child

Skylar is a nut. Really. She is.

She went out with me to feed all of our dogs tonight. We have 3 ~ Tyson, a boxer; Chloe, a pit; and Sadie, a Heinz 57. Tyson is my baby and always has been. We got Tyson last summer when he was only 10 weeks old. He's such a sweet dog! We found Chloe at our favorite flea market a few weeks after we got Tyson. When I saw her, there was no way that I could leave without her. She is a diva! I found Sadie on the side of I-85 this summer on my way home from work. She is Tommy's dog and has been from the day she joined our family.

This is Tyson (above).

This is Chloe (above).

This is Sadie (above).

All three dogs now live together in a rather huge dog lot in the corner of our back yard. They have ample room to run and play, and a huge dog house that Tommy and his dad built for them. There is enough room in it for all 3 dogs to stretch out and sleep comfy with each other.

When we got home from grabbing dinner at Firehouse Subs, Skylar and I went to feed the dogs. One person can not do this task easily when by themselves, as Sadie is the ring leader for their favorite game of "Let's-Knock-Mama-Down-To-Lick-Her-To-Death-And-Make-A-Break-For-The-Gate". Sadie is the sneaky one that can dart thru your legs while Chloe and Tyson are trying to run through you. It's a good idea to have one person inside the fence with the dogs while the other person fills the bowls and passes them back to you.

Tonight, I was inside the fence as usual. Skylar had already given the full bowls back to me and I had passed them out. All three dogs were excited about Skylar's presence, as she rarely graces them with her presence during the week (Band practice, basketball practice, homework, etc...) Skylar has the less than brilliant idea to come inside the fence with me.

I don't know what she was thinking. There was no way that we could both get out of the fence without a prison break. Jokingly, I told her climb the fence and jump from the roof of the feed building. The goofball actually climbed the fence while I snuck out the gate without any escapees. Then, she preceded to get stuck on top of the roof because she was scared to jump down. I went to the tractor shed and got a ladder, but she would not climb down because the feed building has a pitched roof and the ladder did not sit flush against it.

Skylar called Tommy to come out in the back yard to help her off of the roof. I just wish that I had had a video camera out there with me. I just hope that none of the dogs try to climb the fence because they watched her climb out.


  1. What an adventure. Our zoo of 4 all live in the house with us. It keeps life interesting, but we love them.
    They are all beautiful.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Beautiful doggies! We have two, Sadee (3 year old black lab) and Casper (5 month old black Pomeranian). They both live inside. Sadee LOVES having Casper now and they have a ball chasing each other back and forth through from the family room through the breakfast room and to the kitchen - one big long room. My (almost new) hardwood floors look horrible but I have had to learn to just get over it if I'm going to have my dogs inside. Due to a very rare illness, I'm pretty much homebound and confined to my bed/recliner. So, since I'm home all day, every day, and by myself for the most part, I like them here with me. It makes me feel safer.

    Well, I'm stopping by from SITS. I just wanted to share a bit of comment love. I hope the rest of your week is absolutely amazing!

    Teresa <><


  3. I love your dogs! I love your motivation for moms button. I am going to grab it for my blog! I have been looking for something like that. Popping over from SITS. Hope you have a great weekend!


  4. visiting from SITS. Just wanted to say Kudo's to you taking in a lost dog and for your daily chaotic ritual of feeding 2 large dogs and 1 feisty one! cute post, BTW I would be like your daughter, willing to climb up, but to scared to come down.

  5. Those are beautiful dogs! Stopping by from SITS, happy Saturday.
    That would have been funny to see. Though I am sure your daughter is more than happy you didn't have a camera :)