Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Face First in the Gravel

Today did not start well for the Henderson family. I overslept to kick things off. Skylar was dragging this morning. Alex could not decide what he wanted packed for his lunch.

I was the last one out the door. Alex decided to race Skylar to the car. That was not a good idea.

Our driveway is gravel. Little shoes on gravel gets very little traction. Down he went. Face first. In the GRAVEL. And slid about 3 feet on his face.

When I got to him, he was screaming. I would have been too! He had gravel dust, dirt and rocks all over his little face and in his mouth. My extra MickeyD napkins that were stashed in the car were not going to do the job on this.

We went back inside. I called my boss to let her know that I would be late and roused Tommy to help me get him cleaned up.

Alex went to school and made it the whole day. I was waiting for a call from the school nurse to come and pick him up. He was a little trooper after his traumatic start.

Here is a picture from right after the face dive in the driveway.

And when he got home from school.....

I am amazed that he doesn't have huge bruises!

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