Monday, October 26, 2009


Oh, how I've missed ebay. Not that it actually left and went on a road trip, but I've stayed pretty far away from it for a couple of years. Yes, a couple of years.

I just rediscovered the thrill of bidding and winning on ebay this weekend. It all started with me deciding to look up some Christmas gifts for Alex and Skylar. I scored big time for both of them. I was able to get Alex several WWE wrestling related gifts to store away for Santa to leave him. And for Skylar, let's just say that she is going to be super excited to receive a hot pink Ipod Nano. She's only been asking for one for 3 years. They've just been too expensive, even at Walmart. I won an auction for the ipod and only paid $22 dollars, and it has free shipping. Yes, it's brand new in the package.

I can't wait to see what else I can find for the kids and Tommy for Christmas on ebay. At this rate, all of my Christmas shopping will be completed from the comfort of my couch and upstairs office. Wonder if I'll miss all of the traffic around Westgate Mall? Nope! Sure won't!!!

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