Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why? Just tell me why....

On Thursday I told Tommy that we had about $100 left until I get paid again. (For anyone that does not already know, I am the only income source for the family.) I had brought home a package of cubed steak and a box of mac and cheese to prepare for supper, however, he talked me into ordering out. Now, we did not order from the most exclusive of restaurants that would cost an arm and a leg. We called Kent's, the local greasy spoon, for burgers. We spent about $35 dollars. Fine. We still had enough for what needed to be paid until I get paid again. $5 for Alex to go with his Cub Scout pack to Lost Acres. CHECK. $10 for Skylar to take with her to the State Band Competition at Woodmont HS. CHECK. $20 for gas in my car so that I can take the kids to school, go to work, and come home for 4 days. CHECK. (No lunch money for me, but hey, I need to lose weight anyway.) Should have had about $20 left for a small cushion in a dire situation. Guess what?! Mr. Moneybag went and bought a freaking bag of candy for $10. Just in case trick or treaters show up. Hello, are you having an I-D-10-T moment, Tommy? We don't have trick or treaters here. We keep the porch light off because we (ok, it's just me) are out with Alex and Skylar going about the Halloween thing with them. Like taking them to the city's Halloween stroll, going to the trunk or treat at Ingles and hitting our favorite trick or treat spots in town. In the last 20 years, we might have had 2 trick or treaters, and those were not in the same year. Now once everything else is paid, I barely have enough for gas for the week. I just can not for the life of me fathom why he does not stop and think about what the hell he is spending money on before he does it. He is usually the one telling me to put things back at the grocery store because we can do without it, and he goes out and spends money on candy and some other crap that we don't freaking need??

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  1. Um yes- i know what you mean. That is just MEN!!!!
    We still need to get together for lunch sometime!!!