Monday, February 8, 2010

No Place Like Home

Nestled on the edge of the forest, tucked in amongst the tall pine trees, lies one of my favorite places.

The forest borders the property on three sides, with the fourth revealing a breathtaking view of the Appalachian Mountains. There are several well tended flower beds in the yard that showcase hydrangeas, tulips, roses, mint and irises. On a warm spring day, the air is perfumed with their lovely fragrances. There are also dogwood trees that bloom in pink and white blossoms; crepe myrtle trees, and a big, black cherry tree.

Out back, you can see the old red barn and the tidy vegetable garden. The lawn is a lush carpet of soft grass. An old well sits near the barn, with it's bucket and rope ready to draw up a cool bucket of water on a hot summer day. Wild birds and squirrels dine from the multiple bird feeders.

A single story log cabin sits as the crown jewel of the property. It boasts a large covered front porch, complete with rocking chairs. The long, curving gravel driveway ends in a large parking area for extended family.

This is my special place. I go there and close my eyes, reliving the glorious days of my childhood summers. I go there and breathe in the memories of my grandparents. I go there and know that I am home.

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